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A New Guide to Caching with Rails

In Documentation

As part of the Rails Guides project, Aditya Chadha has written Caching with Ruby on Rails. It's not on the Rails Guide at the time of writing, but he's posted it on his blog to get the ball rolling. It was described by Hacker News readers as "good for meat and potatoes description of how to use caching" and "pretty informative" so check it out.

One of Aditya's goals was to present the most up to date info on caching in Rails as an antedote to all of the antiquated blog posts out there. The guide covers:

  • Turning caching on (gotta start somewhere!)
  • Page caching
  • Action caching
  • Fragment caching
  • Sweepers
  • SQL caching
  • Cache stores
  • Conditional GET support

You basically only get one example of each, but if you're not up to date with your Rails caching techniques, it'll bring you up to date with a modern way to do things.

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