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Radiant CMS - Interview with Sean Cribbs

August 30th, 2008 in Interviews

Although Radiant may not be as well known among many Rails developers when compared to other Rails based CMS solutions such as Typo or Mephisto. Radiant is a powerful solution that has been steadily growing in popularity over time. Recently there have even been a number of Radiant specific openings posted around the Ruby and [...]

EnvyCasts: Entertaining Rails Screencasts

August 28th, 2008 in News, Screencasts

EnvyCasts is the latest venture by the presenters of the popular Rails Envy podcast - Jason Seifer and Gregg Pollack. Like PeepCode, EnvyCasts follows a model of offering an instructional video and supporting materials on a single topic for $9 in a variety of formats (QuickTime, Ogg Theora, and iPhone/iPod).
The first release is Advanced [...]

Got a Rails App Accepting XML Input? You've Got A Fix To Do - Now.

August 23rd, 2008 in Deployment, Miscellaneous, News

The official Ruby blog announces that REXML, an XML library that comes with Ruby and is heavily used by many Ruby apps (including RAils), is vulnerable to a specific type of attack that could result in a denial of service. Core Rails developer, Michael "Koz" Koziarski has posted instructions on how to work around it.
If [...]

Engine Yard Need You!

Engine Yard is looking for a Ruby developer and two systems engineers.

Exceptional: Centralized Exception Tracking for your Rails Apps

August 19th, 2008 in Interviews, News, Plugins, Tools

Exceptional is a new "exception tracking" and exception management application for Rails developers and their apps. It's currently in beta, but if you follow this special link, I'm told that Rails Inside readers will be prioritized in the signup process. It's developed by a group of guys working for a Web app development firm in [...]

Rails 2.2 To Be Thread Safe

August 17th, 2008 in News

David Heinemeier Hansson has announced that thanks to some solid work by Josh Peek over the summer, Rails 2.2 will be "thread safe." This will remove one of the common complaints against Rails from Merb fans and enable Rails to be extremely more efficient. While the most popular deployment of Ruby itself (MRI 1.8) doesn't [...]

Going to SXSW in 2009? Vote for some Rails Panels

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of festivals that take place each year in Austin, TX. Over the past few years, many Rubyists have made it to the event (Twitter's initially popularity storm was brewing at SXSW 2007!) and Ruby / Rails related events have been popular. SXSW have unveiled an "Interactive Panel Picker" [...]

Rails Internationalization Tutorial In An App

Clemens Kofler has put together a rather novel "tutorial" for Rails' new internationalization and localization features. Instead of being a typical tutorial on a Web page, the tutorial comes as a Rails app. To get started:

git clone git:// i18n_demo_app./script/server

Then head to http://localhost:3000/ and you're away.
Note: We've mentioned Rails' internationalization features before on Rails Inside.

Phusion Passenger on cPanel

On my personal blog, I've written How to Install Phusion Passenger / mod_rails / mod_passenger on a cPanel box. Surprisingly I couldn't find any resources on how to do this, and there are a few quirks to look out for.

The 8 Most Fun Rails Jobs Available Today (August 2008)

From our Rails jobs board comes some amazing sounding jobs this month! I'm almost tempted to emigrate and apply for a few.
The working environments include a gaming startup, a skunkworks at an adult entertainment company, a house in Los Angeles, and the prestigious offices of an NYSE-listed mega-corporation. All the jobs are in the United [...]