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RESTful Searching in Rails

Ben Curtis demonstrates RESTful Searching in Rails.

Phusion Passenger 2.0.1 Released: A Significant Upgrade

Phusion has released Passenger 2.0.1, the first non-release candidate version of their popular Passenger / mod_rails / mod_rack Rails deployment Apache module. Passenger was developed to make the deployment of Rails applications on Apache "a breeze" and now with the 2.x series, it makes it easy to deploy Rack based applications too (such as Merb [...]

Named Scope Awesomeness

Noel Rapping demonstrates more named scope awesomeness, namely using named scopes to chain together find conditions.

Phusion Passenger Preference Pane for OS X

The guy at Fingertips have come up with an OS X preference pane for Phusion Passenger (a.k.a. mod_rails) that makes it a cinch to deploy Rails applications using Passenger on the Mac. It can be as simple as dragging a Rails application folder onto the preference pane! This is absolutely ideal for quick and easy [...]

Upload Progress With mod_passenger

Peter Sarnacki shares a technique for getting an upload progress bar with a Passenger (a.k.a. mod_rails) hosted Rails application.

Scaling a Rails App to 1 Billion Pageviews Per Month

Dennis Howlett has written an article for ZDNet about how Joyent has helped a Rails app scale to 1 billion pageviews per month. It's a bit vendor-focused, but still worthwhile.

SubdomainFu: Tame sub domains in your Rails apps

SubdomainFu is a plugin developed by Michael Bleigh of Intridea that allows you to easily deal with subdomains in your Rails applications.
Not just a superficial hack, SubdomainFu even extends the Rails routing system to allow you to specify subdomains within routes. Example:
url_for(:controller => "my_controller",
:action => "my_action",
:subdomain => "awesome") # =>

users_url(:subdomain [...]

June 2008 Ruby Security Vulnerabilities

From Ruby Inside: June 2008 Ruby Security Advisory: A Summary - Essentially, be aware, don't panic, and be careful regarding Rails and Ruby 1.8.6p230.

Rails 2.1 Gotchas

Chad Pytel writes about some Gotchas When Upgrading to Rails 2.1. A handy guide if you're having issues. A New Era in Rails Documentation? is a new attempt at organizing Rails' documentation by a Finnish company called Nodeta. As well as providing a quick way to search and browse through the existing documentation (with live search and keyboard accessible navigation), Rails-doc also allows registered members to annotate and leave notes against entries.'s aim at improving Rails' documentation [...]