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An Introduction to Refinery CMS - A Rails Content Management System

Refinery CMS is an open source Ruby on Rails CMS for small businesses. The project was originally closed source for 4 years at Resolve Digital until it was finally released to the open source community in mid 2009. Refinery focuses on doing things…

The Perils Of Opinionated Software (like Rails)

This is a guest opinion piece by Xavier Shay.

Ruby on Rails, by its own admission, is an opinionated framework. From day one it has positioned itself as the Kryptonite to enterprise software, providing an easy to use, rapid development framework.…


Netzke: Rich Internet Apps with Ext JS and Rails

Ext JS is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich internet applications. It provides an extended set of powerful, feature-rich widgets that can be used as building blocks for AJAX-driven GUI of almost unlimited complexity. Netzke is a framework that provides a unified…


Learning To Scale Rails With Crappy Programming Book Covers

Jason Seifer (of RailsEnvy / Ruby Show fame) and I were recently captivated by a particularly gorgeous technical book cover:

Awesome, right? Eric Hodel (of RDoc and RubyGems fame) thought he had a better candidate for crappiest programming book cover:

I'm not…


Radiant CMS Trying "Open Source Design" - Help Needed!

Radiant CMS (previously on Rails Inside) is a mature, "no-fluff", open source content management system (CMS) built on top of Rails. In this post, developer John W Long is putting out the call for anyone with Web design expertise to get involved…


I'm Handing Rails Inside Over To.. You!

You totally couldn't tell, but I'm not much interested in updating Rails Inside any more. Despite racking up 6000 subscribers (thanks!), Rails Inside has proven to be Ruby Inside's poor relation - mostly because I'm very pro-Ruby but not particularly…


Retrospectiva: Open Source Project Management Rails App

Retrospectiva is a new open-source project management tool built as a Rails application. It's interesting from two angles: first, as a project management tool, as it was designed; but secondly as a large, well built Rails 2.3 app to learn from.



RailsDevelopment.com: A Directory of Rails Development Companies

The Rails Development Directory is a new site from Engine Yard that provides a listing of companies offering Rails development services. It's squarely aimed at businesses who are looking to get major development work done.

On the front page you can fill in…


MonkeySupport: Boosting Rails With Patches of C

MonkeySupport (or GitHub repo) is an intriguing new project by Burke Libbey that attempts to inject some crazy C power into Rails.

As you probably know, it's possible to use C to write Ruby extensions and even to use C inline with Ruby…


Fat Free CRM - Open Source CRM Platform (on Rails)

Fat Free CRM is an open source CRM (customer relationship management) system built upon Rails by Michael Dvorkin. Even if you don't need a CRM system, it's interesting as an example of a new, full, open source Rails project. Michael hopes…

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