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Draft of O'Reilly's "Rails In A Nutshell" Free To Read Online

Rails In A Nutshell is a forthcoming book, to be published by O'Reilly, by Cody Fauser, James MacAulay, Edward Ocampo-Gooding and John Guenin. Like other titles in O'Reilly's "Nutshell" series, the book is designed to be a concise introduction to the…


Good Looking Searchable Rails API Docs

"Better" Rails documentation efforts aren't anything new but Vladimir Kolesnikov's attempt titled "Rails Searchable API Doc" is notable for its simplicity and smart presentation. He hasn't changed the usual IRB layout except to add a rather Mac-looking search frame to…

A New Guide to Caching with Rails

As part of the Rails Guides project, Aditya Chadha has written Caching with Ruby on Rails. It's not on the Rails Guide at the time of writing, but he's posted it on his blog to get the ball rolling. It was…


Asciicasts: Railscasts In Text Form

We're all familiar with Ryan Bates' excellent (award winning even) Railscasts - the gigantic collection of free screencasts that show you how to pull off daring stunts with Rails (if you're not, go check them out, you're missing a lot!)

As great as…


JBoss on Rails: Deploying Rails Apps to a JBoss App Server

Java-heads will be familiar with JBoss, a popular Java EE-based application server. Bob McWhirter has been working on a plugin to make it easy to deploy Rails applications to a JBoss app server - something that could be quite appealing…

How To Contribute Code to Rails: Step By Step

Mike Gunderloy has written an excellent thirteen step guide to contributing to Rails - step by step. He covers:

  • Getting Git
  • Checking out the Rails source code
  • Setting up and running the tests that come with Rails (so you can check that your…

An All New Rails Security Guide

Hot off the back of the Rails Guides hackfest came a lot of great new Rails documentation. Now joining that documentation comes an all new Ruby on Rails Security Guide. Clocking in at almost 11,000 words, the guide covers RJS injection,…


Awesome Fresh Rails Documentation To Enjoy

It seems that some rather good writers have been very busy, because as if from no-where, a whole batch of awesome new Rails manuals (seemingly up to Rails 2.1 standards) have made an appearance at

There are no credits, but the…

Rails Guides Hackfest - Get Prizes For Working on Rails Documentation

Outside of thread safety and internationalization support (both of which will be supported in Rails 2.2), one of the most maligned areas for Rails development has been the online documentation.

An effort to improve that situation though was recently posted on…


Rails 2.2: Internationalizaton Implemented In Anger

Sven Fuchs is part of the team working on internationalization in the forthcoming Rails 2.2. Work began in September 2007 with the team deciding that enough was enough with the sloppy support for internationalization in Rails. They wanted to "eliminate the…

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