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The National Events Company has a pretty amazing opportunity available for a resourceful Rails developer. You can either work at their Times Square office in New York or telecommute, but you need to be really, really good.

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enum fields in ActiveRecord

Mathieu Martin shows off a plugin that lets you use enum fields in ActiveRecord.

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Flash Video Tutorial

A "flash video tutorial" showing how to use Rails, ffmpeg, FlowPlayer and attachment_fu together to create an app that you can upload videos to.

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Passenger + Apache Upload Progress Bar

Drogomir shows how to get an upload progress bar working in your Rails app using Phusion Passenger and Apache.

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Active Rails Documentation Projects

Mike Gunderloy explains what active Rails documentation projects there are and how you can get involved.

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Subdomains on Rails explained

Robby Russell presents an explanation of how to do account-referencing using subdomains in Rails.

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Rails on track for major upgrades

Infoworld takes a look at how Rails is on track for some major upgrades. Quotes from DHH, Yehuda Katz, and more.

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How to set up virtualized Rails environment on Xen

Damien of New Bamboo demonstrates how to set up a virtualized Rails hosting environment with Xen - includes a great script to perform a lot of the steps.

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Making Highrise faster with memcached

David Heinemeier Hansson looks at how 37signals has used caching (with memcached) to speed up Highrise.

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Krauter: New router for Rails

Jeremy McAnally has released krauter, a new router for Rails. It's described as: Tiny (200 lines fool!), quick (adding routes so fast it hurts and competes with current router otherwise), and agile ('s not more agile. But it sounds cool.)


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