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Vim For Rails Developers Screencast

Vim as a Rails IDE is a professional screencast by Ben Orenstein that walks you through using Vim (a popular open source text editor) as a Rails IDE of sorts. It costs $9 and runs at almost 37 minutes long. I asked…


Screencast: How To Upgrade Your Rails 2 App to Rails 3 in 25 Minutes

Geoffrey Grosenbach (of PeepCode fame) has put together a FREE 25 minute screencast showing how he's converted a Rails 2.x app to Rails 3.0. Grab it now before it gets overwhelmed and he wonders why he hasn't charged for it yet ;-)



Screencast: Easy Rails File Uploads using Ajax and jQuery

Adam McCrea of EdgeCase has put together a screencast demonstrating how to easily implement Ajax file uploads in your Rails application. It's about ten minutes long.

Job! Interkonect, a web app consultancy in Nottingham, UK, is looking for a part-time junior Rails developer -…

Asciicasts: Railscasts In Text Form

We're all familiar with Ryan Bates' excellent (award winning even) Railscasts - the gigantic collection of free screencasts that show you how to pull off daring stunts with Rails (if you're not, go check them out, you're missing a lot!)

As great as…


Scaling Rails – A free 13-part series of screencasts