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The Rails Way Returns

Back in the days of Rails 1.x, one of the most influential Rails websites was The Rails Way that was run by Rails core team members Jamis Buck and Michael Koziarski. The purpose of the site was to help teach early Rails…


Geokit: Geocoding and Location Finding on Rails 2.2

It's not exactly new - we covered it on Ruby Inside back in early 2007 - but Geokit, a geocoding and location finder plugin for Rails, has recently been updated and is now Rails 2.2 compatible. Not only that, but it's…


Metal: Super-fast Endpoints within your Rails Apps

Yesterday, David Heinemeier Hansson officially announced Rails Metal - a new feature of edge Rails (and so Rails 2.3). Metal uses edge Rails' use of Rack to present a more barebones interface to incoming requests. Instead of routing every request through the…


Rails 2.2 Released

Yes folks, Rails 2.2 is here! Coming just six months after Rails 2.1, Rails 2.2 is still definitely the most exciting Rails release yet - you get internationalization, Ruby 1.9 support, thread safety, connection pooling, and a lot more. The number…


Rails 2.2 Release Candidate 1 Released

Today, David Heinemeier Hansson has announced the release of the first "Release Candidate" of Rails 2.2. Mike Gunderloy has put together a remarkable page listing all of the key changes individually. They include:


7 Barebones Rails Apps To Kick Start Your Development Process

Back in 2005, the first Rails application a novice Rails developer produced was typically a simple blog-like system. This was in no small part thanks to a great screencast produced by David Heinemeier Hansson demonstrating how to create such a…


The 8 Most Fun Rails Jobs Available Today (August 2008)

From our Rails jobs board comes some amazing sounding jobs this month! I'm almost tempted to emigrate and apply for a few.

The working environments include a gaming startup, a skunkworks at an adult entertainment company, a house in Los Angeles, and the prestigious…


Open Source Rails: An Index of Open Sourced Rails Apps

Open Source Rails presents profiles of open sourced Ruby on Rails apps. The site allows you to submit application of your own, comment on existing apps, update the details for other apps, and keep track of those you're interested in. On…


Yet More Attractive Graphs: Open Flash Chart Library Ported For Use With Rails

Open Flash Chart is an open source Flash charting tool that can produce a wide range of attractive graphs and charts. Developer Charlie Snider has announced that he has ported the code to Ruby, primarily for use with Rails. He has…


Rails 2.2: Internationalizaton Implemented In Anger

Sven Fuchs is part of the team working on internationalization in the forthcoming Rails 2.2. Work began in September 2007 with the team deciding that enough was enough with the sloppy support for internationalization in Rails. They wanted to "eliminate the…

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