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Chargify: Rails Powered Recurring Billing Service With An ActiveResource API

Over the last couple of months, a new billing and subscription company - Chargify - have been popping up around the Web 2.0, SaaS, and Rails scenes. Notably, Chargify's CEO is Lance Walley, co-founder of Rails hosting company Engine Yard. Rails…


Rails Magazine Issue 5 Available (Free)

Rails Magazine editor Olympiu Metiu has let us know that the fifth issue of Rails Magazine is now available for free in PDF format. If you're not familiar with the magazine, check out our video review of the first issue to get…


Rails 2.3.4 + SWFUpload: Gracefully Degrading Rails File Uploads

Over on the Jetpack Flight Log, Brian Racer demonstrates how to use SWFUpload with Rails 2.3.4 to implement slick, yet gracefully degrading, Rails file uploads powered by Flash. It's an impressive walkthrough post.

If you've uploaded photos or videos to Flickr or…


Spree: Open Source E-commerce for Rails Apps Gets Even Better

Back in September 2008, we posted about Spree, an open source Rails e-commerce platform that was then in its infancy. Now, however, Spree is truly flying. New versions are coming out frequently and there are more and more established sites using…


The 15 Step Rails Code Quality Checklist

The Ruby on Rails Code Quality Checklist is a 15 point "quality checklist" for Rails developers to run against their Rails applications by Matthew Paul Moore. It's a year old, so predates Rails 2.2 and 2.3, but it recently made the…


RailsDevelopment.com: A Directory of Rails Development Companies

The Rails Development Directory is a new site from Engine Yard that provides a listing of companies offering Rails development services. It's squarely aimed at businesses who are looking to get major development work done.

On the front page you can fill in…


Streamlined: Beautiful User Interfaces Out Of The Box

Streamlined is a Rails plugin that can give your Rails application beautiful user interfaces right out of the box. You need to have your models and controllers setup already, but once you have, you add a single layout line, along with…


Re-implementing acts_as_paranoid using default_scope in Rails 2.3

A few months ago Mike Gunderloy wrote 3 Plugins for Safer ActiveRecord Deletions for Rails Inside and mentioned acts_as_paranoid, a plugin that flags ActiveRecord objects as deleted without actually deleting them (this is useful if you might need to "undo" the…


Video Review of Rails Magazine Issue 1

A couple of weeks ago, Olimpiu Metiu got in touch with me to tell me about his new Rails magazine, Rails Magazine. We've heard a lot of promises about English-language Rails magazines in the past but little has materialized (not…


Setting Up a Rails Development Environment on Windows

Fabio Akita has put together a comprehensive walkthrough blog post on setting up a Rails development environment on Windows. This isn't particularly tricky in any case, but Fabio presents some good practices that only become apparent through experience (of which…

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