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Engine Yard Takes $15 Million

On Ruby Inside: Engine Yard Takes $15 Million - A major validation of the Rails hosting space.

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9 Rails IDEs Reviewed

Infoworld has reviewed 9 different Ruby on Rails IDEs and editors.

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Custom Length Validation Tokenizers in Rails Validations

Ryan Daigle notes that ActiveRecord's validates_length_of validator now accepts a "tokenizer" block to implement custom length validators. Sounds confusing, but is actually rather useful.

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Ubuntu Server Team Needs Help With Rails Experience

The Ubuntu Server team are looking for help and advice regarding improving the Ruby on Rails experience for the next Ubuntu release. If you have opinions regarding Rails deployment, this is the time to share them.

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Upgrading Insoshi to Rails 2.1: A Case Study

The developers of Insoshi, an open source social networking system, wrote about how they upgraded the source to work with Rails 2.1. Even if you don't use Insoshi, it's a useful article to check out regarding upgrading projects to Rails 2.1,…

Pretty Blocks in Rails 2.1

Josh Symonds explains "pretty blocks" in Rails 2.1, how to use them, and how to define your own.

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Rails 2.1 Gotcha: Serialized Columns Not Updated On Save

Patrick McKenzie discovered, the hard way, that serialized columns are not updated on save with Rails 2.1 since amended hashes are not seen as "dirty." He presents some workarounds.

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RESTful Searching in Rails

Ben Curtis demonstrates RESTful Searching in Rails.

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Named Scope Awesomeness

Noel Rapping demonstrates more named scope awesomeness, namely using named scopes to chain together find conditions.

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Upload Progress With mod_passenger

Peter Sarnacki shares a technique for getting an upload progress bar with a Passenger (a.k.a. mod_rails) hosted Rails application.

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