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John Main has 7 top tips for coding with currency - with Rails specifically in mind.

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Rails Code Quality Checklist

Matt Moore has put together a very solid Rails "code quality checklist." Worth a read.

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Passenger on Ubuntu Hardy

Matthias Georgi gives quick instructions on installing a Ruby and Rails stack using Apache and Passenger on Ubuntu Hardy.

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HashRocket Looking for Web Developer

Obie Fernandez is looking for an expert Web developer for Hashrocket - one of the better known Rails development houses.

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List of Rails Tips

An interesting list of Rails tips to wander through.

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Testing SSL in Rails

Luke Francl looks at testing SSL in Rails.

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Scribd Job

Scribd - the world's busiest Rails-powered Web site - is looking for a back-end Rails engineer.

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37signals shows how they use HAProxy in conjunction with their Rails apps, Apache, and Mongrel. Includes a useful screencast demonstrating HAProxy's load balancing features.

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Engine Yard Need You!

Engine Yard is looking for a Ruby developer and two systems engineers.

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Phusion Passenger on cPanel

On my personal blog, I've written How to Install Phusion Passenger / mod_rails / mod_passenger on a cPanel box. Surprisingly I couldn't find any resources on how to do this, and there are a few quirks to look out for.


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